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Prices are sample prices for our most common services as general practitioner visit. If you need an accurate cost estimate, please contact us. Prices on price list do not include medication unless separately stated.


We accept all common bank and credit cards and Resurs Bank eläinlääkäritili (in Finnish). Also payment by invoice is possible if agreed in advance with extra 10€ billing charge (Medication cannot be bought with invoice).


Prices include VAT.


Medication fee/prescription 12€

Invoice surcharge 10€

HOME VISIT FEE (in postcode areas 00180 and 00220) 80€

No-show or time cancelled less than 12 hours before booked time 40€. If the appointment is more than 60 minutes, the fee for no show/late cancellation will be 50% of the procedures price.

The price of the treatment will be increased by 100%:

  • On Sunday and public holiday

  • Saturday and public holiday eve after 6 pm

  • weekdays after 8 pm


Health check-up 89€

Sickness visit 89€

Control visit 74€

Nurse visit  20€

Puppy check-up 45€/first puppy, 25€ next puppies

Senior package dog/cat 230€ (includes broad blood sampling and analysis)


Pet passport: 72 €

​Microchipping: 56 €

Tapeworm deworming: 45€ (excl.medication)



(incl. brief health check-up + vaccines / medicine)

Dog - DHPPI: 59,50 € (+rabies 9,50€)

Dog - Kennel cough: 59,50 €

Cat - Tricat/RCP: 59,50€ (+rabies 9,50€)

Rabbit - 69€ (Nobivac Myxo+RHD)

Leptospirosis: 59,50 €


DENTAL CARE (all procedures done in inhalation anesthesia)

Dental tartar removal - cat: 185€

Dental tartar removal - dog: starting from 197€

Dental care package dog (incl. dental tartar removal, full mouth x-rays, dental checkup) 335€

Dental care package cat (incl. dental tartar removal, full mouth x-rays, dental checkup) 295€


Castration Cat 120€

Castration Dog starting from 275€

Castration Rabbit 175€

Sterilization Rabbit 270€

Sterilization Cat 185€

Sterilization Dog starting from 400€

Pyometra Dog starting from 500€

C-section Dog starting from 600€

Lump removal starting from 150€

Other procedures, please ask price!


Ultrasound examination starting from  75€ (in connection with another visit)

Comprehensive ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity (incl. general examination and follow-up treatment instructions) €299

X-ray examinations starting from 89€ (in connection with another visit)

Official x-ray examination (excl.medications, referral required, more information from Kennel club):

Hip dysplasia (HD) 169 €
Elbow dysplasia 109 €
Spine (SP/LTV/VA) 159 € or (IDD) 179 €

At the same time with Hip dysplasia (HD) 169 €:
   Elbow dysplasia 40 €
   Spine SP/LTV/VA 50 €
   Spine IDD 70 €


Faecal samples analysis (parasites): 36€



Pregnancy ultrasound: 107 €

Pregnancy x-ray: 115€

Gynecological examination - Vaginoscopy: 95 €

Determination of optimal time of breeding - Progesterone: 89€

Determination of optimal time of breeding - Vaginal cytology + Progesterone: 145€


Euthanasia: starting from 59

Cremation: 35 € - 164 €

Individual cremation, depending on the weight of the animal and the urn chosen, starting from € 100

Our partner is Suomen Eläintuhkaus

DOG MASSAGE 40€ (Includes pre-survey and 30-45min massage)

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