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Clinic manager Jenni and responsible veterinatian Stefan welcome you to our clinic.

Our clinic in Välimerenkatu has a waiting room and two examination rooms.

In Atlantinkatu we have dental room, examination room and surgery.

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Our Team
Jenni ja Stefan Björkman
Jenni Björkman, Clinic Manager, CEO
  • Born 1983 in Helsinki

  • Radiographer and YAMK in the degree program in welfare technology

  • Master of Social Sciences (Social and Health Care Information Management) 2021

  • Data Protection Officer and Radiation Safety Officer of the clinic

Jenna Kupiainen

Jenna Kupiainen, Veterinarian

  • Graduated in spring 2022 as a veterinarian.

  • Especially Interested in ultrasound examinations and acute patients. 

Anu Ruotsalainen

Anu Ruotsalainen, Veterinary nurse

  • Graduated in 2014 as a animal attendant and 2021 as a clinical veterinary nurse

  • Cats are especially close to her heart and she has a long experience with them.

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Leea Fraktman, Veterinarian, Skin and Ear diseases

  • I have understood animals since I was a child, and especially dogs are close to my heart. There are three Jack Russell Terriers in my family. I started working as a veterinarian in 2016, treating all species of animals as a municipal veterinarian. From 2019, I switched to treating only Small Animals and started familiarizing myself with their skin and ear diseases with ESAVS specialization studies (The European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies). Today, my special interests are allergies, autoimmune skin diseases and ear diseases and their treatment.

Emmi Antila

Emmi Antila, Veterinarian

  • Graduated as a veterinarian from the University of Helsinki in spring 2023.

  • Emmi is interested in general practice of cats and dogs. Emmi has also passion for x-ray imaging

Vera Hakala

Vera Hakala, Veterinarian

  • Graduated in 2007 from the University of Helsinki.

  • Vera is interested in animal's well-being as a whole and planning the treatment path together with the owner.

  • Most of the practical patient work is dental treatments and acute practice, but she also does preventive health care and surgeries. 

Other members of the team:

Marco Harting-Kiuru, Veterinarian

  • Language skills: German, English, Finnish (beginner)

Sabrina Alanen, Veterinarian

  • Language skills: Finnish, English, Estonian, Russian

Nelli Sainio, Veterinarian, dental procedures

  • Language skills: Finnish, English

Tealeena Suihkola, clinic assistant

Stefan Björkman, BSc, DVM, PhD, ECAR Diplomate, Responsible Veterinarian​
  • Interests: Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Andrology, Gynecology, Obstetrics & Neonatology

  • Graduated as a Veterinarian in 2012 in Berlin / Germany

  • Doctoral Dissertation 2017 in Helsinki

  • Diplomate of the EBVS - European College of Animal Reproduction since 2017

  • Docent of Domestic Animal Reproduction at the University of Helsinki

  • Member of the Examination Committee of the European College of Animal Reproduction

  • Member of the Board of the European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction

  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction

  • Member of the Board of the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Veterinary Medicine / University of Helsinki

  • Languages: German, English, Finnish

Sini Merikallio, Veterinarian, TkT
  • Sini's interest are surgery, as well as geriatric Labrador retrievers. Cats, horses and also exotic animals are also close to Sini's heart.

Sanna Uusiportimo

Sanna Uusiportimo, Veterinary nurse student

  • Started Veterinarynurse studies in autumn 2023

  • Sanna has experience with many kinds of animals, from ponies to dwarf hamsters and long experience from customer service

Alexa Sinijärvi

Alexa Sinijärvi, Head nurse Välimerenkatu

  • Started 2022 as Veterinary nurse student

  • Rabbits and cats are close to Alexa's heart

  • Special intrest in pet nutrition

May Mäenpää

May Mäenpää,

Head nurse Atlantinkatu, Dog masseuse

  • Graduated in 2021 as an animal attendant and in 2022 as a dog masseuse

  • Experience with many kinds of animals, especially dogs and cats are important to me. I have received positive feedback about the handling skills of the dogs.

Assi Björkbacka.jpg

Assi Björkbacka, Veterinarian

  • Assi graduated as a veterinarian from the University of Helsinki in 2008.

  • During his working career, Assi has taken care of horses, farm animals and wild animals in addition to small animals. Taking care of small animals is close to Assi's heart, and for the last few years Assi has taken care of small animals exclusively.

  • During the last 10 years, Assi has delved into dental treatments for dogs and cats in particular. Assi has completed several Accessia dental care courses and the Esavs anesthesiology 1 course.

  • In addition to dental patients, Assi provides versatile treatment for appointment patients as well as surgery patients.
    Assi is also familiar with anesthesia and pain management.

  • Language skills: Finnish, English, Swedish (basic), French (basic)

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