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Dear Customers,

Often we are asked whether we remove teeth at the same time, we remove dental tartar. We are also asked whether we use inhalation or injection anesthesia.

Currently, we only do short (30-45 min) and minimal invasive surgical procedures. For instance, we remove dental tartar and teeth (simple cases, ‘closed technique’ / ‘non-surgical technique’, e.g., persistent deciduous teeth or front teeth, maybe premolar / molar teeth if accessible without creating flaps and removing bone).

Usually we do not remove dental tartar and tooth at the same time (unless a tooth is very loose) for a few reasons. One reason is that we do not want to combine a dirty non-surgical (dental tartar removal) with a clean surgical (teeth removal) procedure. Another reason is that we want to keep the anesthesia as short as possible and rather remove teeth at another visit.

Further, our veterinarian will decide on a case-to-case base whether securing the airways (by intubation) and therefore general anesthesia is required. If intubation is required, we will induce general anesthesia using injectable anesthetics. We will combine general anesthesia with local anesthetics on the nerves supplying the oral cavity. If general anesthesia needs to be maintained, we will do it with injectable anesthetics. During the procedure, we monitor basic parameters of our patients at any time. We will not use inhalation anesthetics.

If one of our patients needs a more invasive and longer lasting procedure, we will refer the patient to another clinic where inhalation anesthesia is available.

Prices for our basic dental procedures can be found from the picture. We recommend dental tartar removal once a year. Our dental procedures can be combined with other annual check-ups, e.g., health check-up and blood check-up, and annual vaccinations.

Campaign in November 2020: Dental tartar removal + dental x-ray: 250 € (Dog)

Tooth removal: 150€ (Recommendation: + dental x-ray before and after procedure 50€). Prices for the first teeth. Additional teeth + 50%.

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